Welcome to Fireweed Weyr!

Excavation of the newest Weyr on Pern is finally coming to an end. Located in the fertile bowl of a long-since dormant volcano, the riders of Fireweed Weyr have only seven years to prepare for the day when they will have to patrol the skies over Deep South and Wherrytail Holds, as well as protect their own assets.

The other Weyrs have granted enough transfers to form a small skeleton crew, with promises of more should the dragons born at Fireweed prove to not be enough. Already the Gold Emblath's color is intensifying, as she gets closer to her first Flight as Fireweed Weyr's first Queen.

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Fireweed Weyr is a non-canon forum-based roleplaying site inspired by Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern® series.